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Regenerative Veterinary Medicine, Regenerative Tissue Therapy

Regenerative medicine is a field that focuses on replacing, repairing, or creating new tissues in the body. Goals for your animals are to reduce pain, help regenerate injured tissue, and return a joint, muscle, or tendon to its normal function. The most common techniques used in clinical medicine for pets are platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy, and laser therapy/


In the fast-growing field of veterinary regenerative medicine, material from cells and tissues — such as living cells, serum, or bone — is used in your pets with the hope of repairing diseased or damaged tissues or organs.


Veterinary regenerative medicine is an active area of research for developing new cell and tissue therapies for animals. Examples include animal stem cells, differentiated cells, and tissues such as blood, platelet-rich plasma, and amnion.


These are intended to be implanted, transplanted, or infused into an animal recipient. Sometimes the donor and recipient are the same animal. Sometimes the donor and recipient are different animals of the same species. And other times, the donor and recipient are separate species.

At Animal Haven Veterinary Center we offer regenerative medicine diagnostics like Digatherm to help determine the best medical plan for your pet. Some pets are better candidates for different forms of regenerative medicine and working with our clients to determine the best course of treatment ensures the best results. 


To learn more about the regenerative medicine options offered at Animal Haven click the links below or call our office to speak to a technician!  

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