Animal Haven Veterinary Center got its start in 1999 as a mobile practice.  Dr. Brady purchased a 26-foot mobile unit that allowed them to provide complete veterinary care, including surgeries and x-rays.  In 2004, we obtained a stationary hospital (located on route 40 in Bear).  Most appointments are seen at our stationary location, but housecalls are still offered. 

Currently, housecalls are done by one of the doctors and a technician coming into your home to examine your pet. Because we have been doing housecalls for over 10 years now, we are very accustomed to the unique aspect of conducting housecalls and are able to provide exceptional care to pets through our housecall service.  Owners with multiple pets or those finding it difficult to travel to a stationary clinic, will find that our willingness to continue providing housecalls provides a viable alternative to traditional in-hospital visits.  Animal Haven Veterinary Center provides all veterinary services from routine examinations to sick patient care, as well as surgical and dental services.  We are extremely excited and proud of our practice and the MANY ways we are able to provide complete, compassionate care to our patients and their owners!

Our mobile unit was the first mobile veterinary practice in Delaware and is a vital part of Animal Haven’s history.  We still have the mobile unit and may someday use it again to provide a mobile hospital.  For now, please enjoy the following tour of the mobile unit as a means of providing you with a historical perspective on Animal Haven Veterinary Center and Dr. Brady’s commitment to ALWAYS provide complete and compassionate care to our clients and their pets.