Attention Clients!


We are committed to our patients and their humans during these new times of Covid-19 and will be open to provide veterinary care. 


In an effort to best ensure the safety of our clients and staff, we will be following CDC and World Health Organization guidelines of social distancing and doing our part to flatten the curve. At this time, these organizations have allowed veterinary offices to remain open as an essential community services/need as long as implementation of policies for minimizing human contact are followed. We want to be able to provide veterinary care while ensuring the safety and health of humans. The health of each client as well as our team of animal care providers here at Animal Haven Veterinary Center is vital during these uncertain times. This means that appointments will occur in a new format that minimizes human contact/interaction.


Please follow the following guidelines so that we can continue to provide veterinary care for the pets that are so important in all of our homes and lives:

Cats must arrive in a carrier. All dogs must arrive on a secure leash (or small dogs can arrive in a carrier). Appointments will take place as much as possible through phone calls with owners - prior to your scheduled appointment time as well as curbside via your cell phone.

When you arrive for your appointment, please call the office and the part of the appointment that normally occurs in the office before seeing the veterinarian will now occur via telephone with a staff member. Once this initial phone call is complete, we will ask that you bring your pet to the front entryway where your pet will be taken for its appointment. Once your pet is received by our staff, we ask that you wait in your vehicle. After the veterinarian has examined your pet, we will call your cell phone to discuss exam findings and any further recommendations from the doctor. Receipt of medications, home care instructions, and checkout/payment will be handled over the phone and at your vehicle/curbside.

If you need medications and/or prescription food, please call ahead so that we can get it ready for you. When you arrive to pick it up, please call and we will check you out over the phone then bring your items out to you.

We know this is an odd way to conduct appointments but believe this will allow us to provide care to the animals while following guidelines given for our profession to follow when rendering patient care.

We thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding as we navigate this "new normal" together over these upcoming weeks.